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5 Fall Clothing Essentials for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Hello, stylish gents! As autumn approaches with its chilly breeze and colorful leaves, I know it's time for a wardrobe update. And who better to guide you than from the heart of Seattle's latest fashion sensation, Sergius & Bacchus Menswear? We are excited to share some advice and our top picks for our ever-changing fall climate.

1. The Perfect Jacket:

We're in Seattle, where rain is as iconic as our coffee and grunge tunes. But no matter where you are fall is the start of wet weather, so why not look suave while navigating those wet streets? Because fashion is all about feeling great, and nothing beats the comfort of staying dry and chic, make sure your closet has at least one basic jacket to wear as a protective outer layer that not going end up soaked if you are caught in a little rain.

At Sergius & Bacchus Menswear, we offer jackets that are not only practical but also incredibly stylish.  Because fashion is all about feeling great, and nothing beats the comfort of staying dry and chic. Check out the Blue Shadow Signature Harrington Jacket by Ben Sherman.

2. Bold Sweaters:

Chilly mornings demand snug sweaters, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Ditch the mundane pullovers and embrace this season's boldness. Opt for lively hues, distinctive patterns, and textures that exude confidence. And as bonus, look for something that is soft and and will make you feel cozy all day.

We love it when you are feeling audacious and outstanding. Turn heads with the Dark Navy Jacquard Check Crewneck Sweater by Ben Sherman. And as a bonus, check out this incredibly soft Stretch Knit Long Sleeve Crew Pullover by Postmarc - the inside feels like you are wearing a cloud.

3. Elevated Basics:

A great outfit starts with the basics. It's like crafting the perfect fashion ensemble; the right foundational pieces are key. Think premium tees and adaptable trousers.  This fall several brands are taking old stand-bys and crafting them with new materials to elevate the style, comfort and versatility. Don't be afraid to upgrade something you think you already have in the closet.

At Sergius & Bacchus Menswear, we've handpicked a collection of refined basics to complement your standout pieces. Stand out in Postmarc's Black & Tan Glen Plaid Stretch Knit Wool Look Tailored Pants and pair them with a Black Silk/Tencel Solid Knit Hoodie by Postmarc.

4. Accessories with Flair:

Often, it's the subtle touches that transform an outfit. A standout scarf, a trendy hat, or even quirky socks can uplift your entire appearance. We're all about the details, from fabric to finish, and people will notice if you take the time to finish off your ensemble with a bit of flair. So, go ahead, accessorize!

We are obsessed this fall with unique accessories with a story to tell. Feel cozy in these handcrafted Irish Scarves made of plush Donegal, Irish Wool, or the ultra-soft alpaca. Each one is hand woven on a 200-year-old loom in Killarney, Ireland. And don't forget this Tweed Waistcoat by Mucros Weaver.

5. Confidence:

While you can't purchase this off a shelf, it's undeniably the most crucial element. Sergius & Bacchus isn't just a store; it's a haven for everyone to be their genuine selves. We believe fashion should be enjoyable, and we want you to experience that delight. Wear what you love and ignore the naysayers. If you are brave and bold with your style and a smile, people will notice and remark how incredible you look.

So, there you go! Your autumn fashion guide, directly from the heart of Capitol Hill's freshest spot. Whether you're a fashion pro or just exploring new styles, Sergius & Bacchus has got your back. And always remember, it's more than just attire; it's about the community. Backing local, LGBTQ+ owned, and budding brands benefits us all.

Happy shopping, Seattle! And as we always say, be bold, be you, and revel in it!

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